Movie Review: United 93

(Goodness, it’s been a while since I updated!  Sorry about that; I’ve just been a horrible procrastinator lately.  Today I have two new reviews that I hope you will enjoy.)


United 93 is going to be a very interesting movie to review.  There is little to nothing in the way of a traditional “plot,” the people in the movie hardly even have names (none of them, of friends or foes, come readily to mind), and there is very little exposition.  The movie’s storytelling is about as simple as it gets.  We see four hijackers getting ready to perform their deeds, and we see flight attendants, air traffic controllers, passengers, and other airport personnel getting ready to go about what should be an ordinary day.

These events are delivered without narration or external commentary, just as they would appear to, perhaps, a fly on the wall.  Furthermore, nothing is portrayed (from the perspective of anyone except for the hijackers) to be out of the ordinary, until Flight 11 crashes into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  (It should be noted that on the day this actually happened, my father assumed this crash was an accident, at least until he heard about the second one.)  Then Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower.  Then another plane, Flight 77, is hijacked.  It ultimately crashes into the Pentagon.

As the events of the day progress and become more and more horrifying, and as the passengers of Flight 93 desperately unite against their hijackers upon realizing what’s going to happen to them, the acting remains completely convincing and completely believable, and as far as can be remembered, the movie never once requests (or necessitates) that the viewer suspend his or her disbelief.

“Moving.”  If there’s one word I would use to describe this movie, it’s “moving.”  Well, that and “horrifying.” I can’t honestly recommend this film to any reader or viewer who is not emotionally ready to deal with the severe emotional brutality and nightmarish horror this movie so fantastically presents.  The movie itself, however, is utterly fantastic, let down by only the slightest of pacing issues late in the film, and it definitely ranks as one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen.


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