Revisited: Inception

(WARNING: The following post will contain massive SPOILERS for Inception.)


Inception was my most loved movie of 2010, and in the year since I saw the film for the first time (with help from being able to see it again on television), I’ve noticed that my feelings about the movie have steadily changed in many ways, that I have really come to consider the movie successful and unsuccessful in ways that did not occur to me or bother me at first. Continue reading

Movie Review: Inception

Inception remained my favorite film of 2010 from the time I saw it until the end of the year.  I got a chance to revisit this amazing film when it showed up on one of the movie channels of which my satellite service was offering free previews.  Recording and re-watching this film at once reminded me of why I loved it as well as challenging me to think about this film in new ways, which will be explored in their own post.  And since I was able to record it on DVR, I’m not sure I’ll bother to buy a Blu-Ray player for it after all.  But who knows?


“Inception” is the best movie I have seen all year, with the surprisingly stellar “How to Train Your Dragon” following very close behind, and it is probably the greatest film I’ve ever seen with the exception of Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.” Continue reading