About the Title

I spent more time thinking and worrying about a fancy title than I should have, and ironically this little detail was one of the biggest reasons I didn’t make this blog a long time ago.  So many ideas and concepts flowed through my mind that I hardly had an idea of where to begin.  Certainly I wanted my title to be about movies, I thought to myself, but where would I go from there?

“What kind of mood did I want to evoke with this blog?” I had to ask myself.  This also returned conflicting answers, but with each new question came progress toward the one I finally settled on.  Would I call my site the “Movie Blargh” and approach reviews and critical thought from a silly, humorous perspective?  (That naming idea, as it turns out, was already taken.)  Would I call my site “[My name] Reviews, LLC?”  That sounded more professional but also way too serious.  I wanted my reviews to be thought-provoking without being pretentious or condescending.

Then another idea occurred to me, and I thank God for this.  How were movies commonly shown?  Film reels would be run through a projector, and images would show up on a screen.  What were these movies designed to do?  They were meant to allow the viewer to explore other times, other lives, and other places, as though they were the viewer’s own.  Hence, these movies had a very simple goal, which made for a simple title: They were projecting realities.

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