Movie Review: Pacific Rim

(Update: As a special note, a good buddy of mine has published his own review of this film on his website.)

Pacific Rim is a robots-versus-monsters masterpiece that’s more than just a special-effects blockbuster. With surprisingly effective characterization and no-detail-spared production values from start to finish, this is a movie that succeeds at more or less everything it sets out to do, which was far more than I’d expected a movie in this genre to even attempt.
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Movie Review: My Neighbor Totoro

What would your childhood look like if you made friends with nature spirits and a giant cat, all of which were invisible to adults?

Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro, for the most part a delight, is a movie that loves to play around with this premise, even as the concept’s rich potential doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves. The film’s numerous issues merit serious discussion about how much they hold the movie back, but viewers willing and able to navigate those hurdles will find a lot to like in what is otherwise a fun and adorable story.

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